Traveling Back from 2004 – Remembering Kwik Way, Jack LaLanne, Real Baseball

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fULL PAGE W LOGO FROM 12-04Traveling Back from 2004 – Remembering Kwik Way, Jack LaLanne, Real Baseball…


We kick off our new Time Travel venture go back 10 years to the infancy of internet… and the beginnings of  The Time Traveler to relive what we were looking back then. You’ll notice the various links are static. That’s because the site goes back in time and actually disappeared in time and space until it was recently recaptured without working links… However, we have resurrected the previously linked info, some of which will be available to you now by clicking the  links below and we will resurrect the rest of it in time… Look for more to come shortly, including Tiki Time Travel – our Tiki trip to Los Angeles and the orginal Bob’s Big Boy, Bahooka and more…


Welcome to our new site and enjoy Time Traveling Back to a Simpler Time and Place. And be sure to visit  for more – especially Music, Movies and Memories from the Golden Era of the 1940s- 1960s and beyond.

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